PortugalStartups.com was launched last October 6th with the goal of reporting national and internationally what’s happening in the Portuguese startup scene: launchings, investment, acquisitions, events and more.

Almost three months later, we’ve grown and we want more! And that’s our plan for 2015: grow and provide the deserved exposure to our startups and entrepreneurs.

We are pretty positive that the Portuguese entrepreneurs will give us a lot of reasons in 2015 to write about. Meanwhile, here are the top 5 favorite and most read blogposts of 2014.

1. Portugal, a country of game developers?

The game industry is booming in Portugal. Did you know that there are more than 40 game studios? Portugal is becoming a country of game developers.

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2. The Portuguese Startup Scene in numbers

Small in size, Portugal is trying to find its own way through, fighting for a place in the international routes. The effort has paid off so far, and among the most noticeable areas we can find entrepreneurship.

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3. 10 Xmas gifts made in Portugal

If you forgot to buy yours, here you have a list of 10 Xmas gifts made in Portugal that will help you make it up with your family and friends.

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4. 7 Reasons to create a startup in Portugal

We spoke with João Vasconcelos, Executive Director of Startup Lisboa, to understand why people should create a startup in Portugal.

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5. Codacy won the Web Summit’s Beta category pitch competition

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