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Beta-i (Portugal) and Tetuan Valley (Spain) joined forces

beta-i Auditorio
Beta-i and Tetuan Valley have joined forces to become the first reference in the Iberian Peninsula for innovation and entrepreneurship programs. The two have a...

Hardware Startup Scene in Portugal (1/2)

The historical perspective When I was asked by PortugalStartups.com to give my perspective on the local hardware startups scene I was a little bit shaken...

The Portuguese Strategy for entrepreneurship was announced!

Startup Portugal cover
Yesterday, the Portuguese government took the entrepreneurial ecosystem by storm and launched Startup Portugal: an ambitious program that aims to give structure to the...

UP AWARDS GALA: A box of surprises

Last Friday the 2015 UP AWARDS Gala took place at Pavilhão do Conhecimento. We got to know the winners of each one of the 10...

First study on Portuguese scale-ups by SEP and Microsoft

Portugal ScaleUps
Over the last years, a lot has been done and said about startups. This new wave of tech entrepreneurs took Portugal by storm and...

Global Entrepreneurship Week – What not to miss

Once more, the Portuguese Association of Business Angels (APBA) and the Association for the economic and social development (SEDES) are organizing the Portuguese Global...

West to West: Bridging Portugal and Silicon Valley

West to West
Over the past few years, Portugal has been building a stronger presence in Silicon Valley. We are seeing more and more Portuguese founders spending...

Are Portuguese cities smart?

smart cities
Smart is the new sexy. More than 100 cities all over the world (including Portuguese ones) can tell us more about it, since they...

Coding: a war for talent

For the ones that are not paying attention, there is a war for talent in Portugal. Tech startups are fighting hard to attract and...

Meet Bashara, the Israelite entrepreneur that fell in love with Portugal

Bashara LIS
What brings someone from Israel to the Portuguese Startup Scene? And most importantly, are those people staying in Portugal and developing the ecosystem? We...




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