Monday, August 10, 2020
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Daniela Monteiro
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Startup Pirates Pins

6 cities, 6 opportunities to become a Pirate in Portugal

I’m a suspect person to write this article for reasons you can explore on my personal info, below. Anyway, this is about an important...
Lisbon Challenge

Who’s joining Lisbon Challenge Spring’15?

Lisbon Challenge has been receiving hundreds of high quality applications for the Spring'15 edition of the acceleration program. Finally the drum rolls have sounded and the...

A $1 Billion Milestone for the Portuguese Startup Scene

Now it might be easier to answer the common question of what's the most prominent Portuguese startup. If you're into startups, by now you already...
Map of Portuguese incubators

Mapping the Portuguese incubators by field

A few months ago, we shared with you a list of the incubators in Portugal. The number was around 70 and whether you wonder...
Go Youth Conference

Save the date – Go Youth Conference, 18-19 April

GO Youth Conference (GYC) is the living proof that youngsters in Portugal are sassy, but able to live up to the expectations they create. GYC is created...
Pageant queen

4 prizes for you or your startup, deadline March

The startup world is booming and the importance and contribution of the startups to the economy and employability is increasingly being recognised. Entrepreneurship and innovation...
uniarea directory

After supporting thousands of Portuguese students, Uniarea launches international directory

Portuguese Universities are not recognized as Cambridge or Harvard, but one might say that they are not doing so bad. For instance, 3 Portuguese...

PepFeed closes first round from Portugal Ventures

Consumer electronics (CE) is growing rapidly and it's not getting any easier for consumers to make smart purchases. Relevant shopping information such as the...
map mies

MIES – Social Entrepreneurship turned into a map

After 3 years of field research, the Social Entrepreneurship Institute (IES), together with IPAV, launched MIES, the “Map of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in...
Seed Mars One

First seeds on Mars will be Portuguese

It’s official: the first seeds on Mars will be Portuguese. The winner of Mars One University Competition is Seed, a project developed by four Bioengineering...