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A social entrepreneur’s guide to Lisbon

Social entrepreneurship Lisbon
Originally published on 150Sec Social entrepreneurship as a concept is fairly new to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city.

Lisbon based AI satellite imagery startup to tackle environmental disasters

Written by Pat Rabbitte from The Sociable Portugal-based startup, Tesselo launched in Lisbon last week with a mission of...

European Car Sharing on the Rise

The sharing economy continues to grow apace.  What is the current status as regards car sharing in Europe? The...

Shining light on ‘Dark Social’: social media analytics made in Portugal

dark social
'Dark social'? We talk with Lisbon-based GetSocial.io about privacy scandals in social media, tracking conversations that are not public, and how a Portuguese startup...

Unbabel raises $23M to expand AI, human translation platform operations

Unbabel ai translation funding
Portuguese startup Unbabel today announces it has closed its Series B funding round, raising $23 million to expand its operations. Investors included Scale Venture Partners,...

Portuguese Strategy for Entrepreneurship: the Details

startup portugal
Remember the step that we believe would catch the community’s attention – the so-called Government policies for entrepreneurship? SEE ALSO: The Portuguese Strategy for entrepreneurship was...

Apis Technology – The Internet of Bees

To bee or not to bee, that is a major question right now. According to Greenpeace, the population of bees decreased 30% more than in...

Up for disruption?

One of the major trends in entrepreneurship nowadays is the increasing number of vertical accelerators. According to GAN, approximately 25% of accelerators have now...

Driving to Portugal in flip flops

Born in the Netherlands, PakketMail is changing the way webshops ship their products. This Summer they just shipped themselves to Portugal. For Mark, co-founder...

SilicoLife and INVISTA collaboration featured in World Economic Forum report

collaborative innovation
The partnership between the Portuguese startup SilicoLife and the global leader INVISTA was recognized as an example to follow by the World Economic Forum...