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NEXT360: The 360 Virtual Reality Live Streaming Platform

SeatWish is launching publicly NEXT360, a multi-camera platform to monetize live streams in 360 / Virtual Reality, on 8th November during the Web Summit...

Thinking about getting Startup exposure? Startup League might be for you

startup league
Conference tickets, Startup Booths, PR, Marketing and branded swag are all familiar topics to Startups and burn a considerable amount of their tight budget....

The decision was made: Web Summit is coming to Lisbon!

Big news for the Portuguese startup scene. The Web Summit will be held in Lisbon in the next 3 years. We knew for a...

The 4th Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week

Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week
In the year Lisbon is the European Capital of Entrepreneurship, the City Council is organizing the 4th Entrepreneurship Week in Lisbon. They challenged the community that...

Leveraging Youth With a Conference

Go Youth Conference (GYC), created by and for young entrepreneurs, happened during this weekend in Lisbon, and PortugalStartups.com couldn’t miss it. Tiago Vidal, who created GYC...

Musicverb presents the live music booking management in-app

Musicverb Explore
Let me introduce you to Rui Santos Couto, the founder of Musicverb. He is an event manager and musician. As an event manager, he...

The Lisbon Tech Startup Guide

Lisbon by night
Lisbon is becoming sexier and sexier. As Mike Butcher, Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch said "Lisbon is like Berlin with nicer weather". People are talking and...

Top portuguese startup events till the end of 2014

Even though we are starting the countdown for 2015, there are still some very interesting events happening in Portugal until the end of this...




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