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Ginger Nomad that takes her passion for Marketing & Promotion everywhere she goes. One of those kids, who ask ”why” all the time. On a run of exploring, developing and discovering. Always boosting creativity, learning from the masters. Simply, crazy Slovak with a thing for small companies.

Top 10 Portuguese Startups to watch in 2015

Portugal Startups has been around for three months now and we are excited with the several amazing startups we had the pleasure to feature....
pet2mate cat

Pet2mate, because a house is not a home without a pet

What is the difference between a House and a Home? Some say a House in not a Home without a Pet. Pet2mate fosters the idea...
Cartoon hand drawn city

Zizabi, the right home at the right place

Choosing a place to live is never an easy decision. Hours spent on searching can pay off in finding yourself a new perfect house....

4 reasons to be a Tech Girl in Portugal

You know that awkward moment, when the girl starts grading her clothes by how AGILE they´d be with her wardrobe? It can only mean...

Canal180, changing the future of Art & Culture

Imagine there was a TV Channel with no big studios, no cameras and no reality shows. That you'd be able to watch programs dedicated..., mastering the tech hiring

Day 1: Referring a friend for an amazing company - Check Day 20: A friend getting hired as a UI designer in an amazing company...

Lisbon Challenge Demo Day & Investor Day are coming

What´s up Challengers! If you are familiar with the hot startup events for the rest of 2014, then you have heard of Lisbon Challenge. The...
super business man

Why I joined a Startup

Change and Challenge: the reason I´ve always had a thing for smaller companies and enjoyed being part of the Startup Community. Today, wherever you look at,...
hiveflux cover

Hiveflux has launched today – A People–centered time management platform

When working in a team, it´s always good to have an idea about what others are doing. You have probably heard about many different collaboration...