Remember the 20 teams joining the Protechting acceleration program? The program reached its end and the big winners are now known.

Belgium-born Frederik Massie, 24, realized that by adding intelligence to sensors, he could make a more reliable diagnostic and put an end to a bundle of wires to analyze sleep disorders. His idea Ectosense was the winner of this startup competition, launched last year by Portugal’s leading insurer Fidelidade and Chinese conglomerate Fosun.

CleenBeen and Life Symb came second and third respectively out of all the finalists announced at the Fidelidade headquarters in central Lisbon, following a pitching session attended by Fosun CEO Liang Xinjun, Fidelity President Jorge Magalhães Correia and President of Luz Saúde, Isabel Vaz.

Fosun CEO Liang Xinjun mentioned that Protechting came out of a desire to benefit society and help the younger generation, highlighting that Portugal was the first country the program had been launched.

Portugal is our gateway for Fosun to enter Europe.

“Portugal has always been an entrepreneurial country and its future depends on the younger generation” he said, adding that during the pitching session he had seen several eye-opening projects and that entrepreneurship was essential for the development of any country.

“We want to introduce young Portuguese people to Chinese investors” Liang added. “I think it is exciting for them and an opportunity to not only get money but to find a space in the market.”

EctoSense won the main prize of 10.000€ and LifeSymb and CleenBeen will join them in a Roadshow to China where they’ll have the chance to meet some of the world’s most influential investors.

For us the most important factor was to put motivated multi-cultural people working in a creative environment … and give them a good sense of business.

Jorge Magalhaes Correia – Fidelidade CEO

About the winners:

  • Ectosense leverages mobile technology to measure and analyze the user’s sleep quality in their home environment and to provide high quality insights into sleep disorders.
  • CleenBeen Technologies aims to resolve one of the most predominant problems found today in hospital environments: bacterial/superbug and MRSA infections.
  • LifeSymb is a high-tech startup in the mobile health sector. The first product of the company is a software that uses multiple sensors, such as 3D depth cameras and accelerometers, to analyse a person’s posture and movements in order to provide automatic health recommendations.