Protechting, the Fidelidade and Fosun startup acceleration program in the insurance field, announced the 20 startups that will be joining the 8-week program.

You can read more about each one at Meanwhile, who are the startups joining Protechting?

  • App Sinistro – an app that helps you dealing with accidents through your smartphone.
  • AppyBook – a marketplace for healthcare services.
  • Bclose – easy to use digital platform that aggregates security, wellness and energy management devices onto a single user interface.
  • CleenBeen Technologies – fully integrated system using a combination of hardware, wearable devices and related backoffice platform to monitor, evaluate and manage handhygiene of staff, patients and visitors in hospitals.
  • Consulta do Viajante – fully internet-run medical clinic for travelers.
  • Ectosense – mobile technology to measure and analyze the user’s sleep quality.
  • Insurance Labs – IT Solutions aimed at the insurance market.
  • iVigilate – devices to help you watch over the ones you love.
  • K8 – Infinity Knowledge – system to prevent falls from beds in hospitals.
  • KASKO – develops flexible insurance products and cross-selling solutions for your digital business.
  • Kylega – An everyday tool with the best and most complete features available to inventory your assets (both digital and physical).
  • LifeSymb – combines 3D body scannings with Artificial Intelligence to give you automatic diagnosis and recommendations in form of exercises and tips.
  • MotionsCloud – mobile solution to reduce insurance claim cost and claim cycle time from a few weeks to a few hours.
  • Movildoc – a platform that allows health professionals to solve medical questions with the assistance of specialists using their computers or smartphones.
  • Noxidity – IoT-enabled technology to prevent and predict corrosion in industries.
  • OptiShower – technology that gives real-time information about water and energy consumption.
  • QueSeguro – simulator and comparison engine for insurance products.
  • Senioresclick – tool that allows search by type of service, location, price and category.
  • SensorLIFE – wearable lightweight system for personal protective equipment intended for workers to be monitored in real time.
  • Upper Insurance – community driven platform that allows users to form groups to get protected for simmilar risks.

Besides all prizes and perks, the 3 best startups will participate in a roadshow to China, where they will meet some of the largest investors in the world as well as Fosun  representatives. At the end of the program, the startups will get the chance of being invested or establish a partnership with Fidelidade and Fosun. The winning startup will get an award of €10.000 and all the startups will win a full year of free services from Fidelidade (insurance plans).