We’ve been noticing that there might be some misunderstanding about the UP Awards winner choice for each category, so it is important to clarify the status point of this initiative.

On September 1st we opened the nominations for 10 defined categories. Everyone could nominate and only people or organizations that had been nominated would be part of the shortlists up for public voting. According to the public eligibility criteria, our team built the 10 shortlists, published on October 5th. From this day till last Monday at 11:59 pm, everyone could vote once for each category, in any person or organization that had made it to the shortlist.

When the polls closed, the votes were counted. We published the top 3 for each category in no particular order. They are the 3 nominees that received more votes.

Some publications refer that our team will choose the winner, but the winner is the one that received more votes from the 3. We have no influence in the final decision, it was the community that chose the winners and we already know who they are.

That information will only be shared on November 27th, during our Gala where we’ll be delivering the Awards.

Meanwhile you can check all the Finalists and keep the Gala news on your radar.