Friday, September 30, 2022
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Infraspeak raises €1.6M to digitize maintenance management services internationally

infraspeak facility management
Infraspeak announces today a new investment round of €1.6 million to expand its maintenance management digitalization operations to the UK, Spain and France. Participants in the...

Infraspeak grew 282%, tripling its revenues and team size

Infraspeak Team
Infraspeak, a Porto-based tech startup developing an innovative facility management platform, grew its customer base by 282%, its revenues by 243% and relies today...

Strike! Infraspeak invested by Caixa Capital and gets into 500 Startups

Infraspeak, Caixa Capital and 500 Startups
After months of interactions, a pre-seed investment deal was recently concluded between Infraspeak, a facility management software, and Caixa Capital. Once again Caixa Capital was chosen...

Founders Founders: born from the community to be a community

Founders Founders living room
A few of you might have already heard something about this new initiative called Founders Founders (F2). It started last year in Porto with shy communication....

From running an incubator to found a startup
Felipe Ávila da Costa is a Brazilian that moved to Portugal in 2000. He has always preferred to take the ideas into action and...