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The €55M Portugal Social Innovation Fund is ‘paradigm changing’

portugal social innovation fund
Portugal's Council of Ministers approves €55 million for the creation of a "paradigm changing" Social Innovation Fund to help finance startups and entrepreneurs. The Social Innovation...

Portugal next on Cisco’s agenda for partnerships in nation digitization

cisco portugal digitalization
Cisco consolidated more power on Friday using its blueprint to Country Digitization Acceleration (CDA) as it signed a partnership with Portugal. The Portuguese government signed...

Startup Visa: The Gateway to Indian startups in Portugal

india flag
The Portuguese Government announced in India the "Startup Visa" program, on January 9th, 2017, during the India - Portugal Summit. This will be a...

What does Brexit mean for Portugal, startup-wise?

We still don’t know what the implications of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union are. Reality indicates there’s a long process to come. As...

Drones, Networks, Tax Benefits for Fools and more – About Startup...

startup portugal launch
Earlier this year, the government announced a new program aimed at supporting startups and increasing their success rates, further developing the economy in the country...

Portuguese Strategy for Entrepreneurship: the Details

startup portugal
Remember the step that we believe would catch the community’s attention – the so-called Government policies for entrepreneurship? SEE ALSO: The Portuguese Strategy for entrepreneurship was...

The Portuguese Strategy for entrepreneurship was announced!

Startup Portugal cover
Yesterday, the Portuguese government took the entrepreneurial ecosystem by storm and launched Startup Portugal: an ambitious program that aims to give structure to the...




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