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What makes Lisbon so attractive to startups

lisbon bridge
It’s no secret anymore that Lisbon is one of Europe’s up and coming places to be for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. As a communications...

Activar Portugal by Microsoft

Activar Portugal
Ativar Portugal is a Microsoft Portugal's initiative to support economic growth, job creation and generate new opportunities in Portugal. In this new generation of the...

Lisbon City Hall transformed itself into a massive incubator

Lisboa European Capital of Entrepreneurship
Yesterday, the Lisbon City Hall transformed itself into a massive incubator for the official launch of “Lisboa - European Capital of Entrepreneurship”. More than...

Accelerators in Portugal

Rocket launch
Less than 2 months from the European Accelerator Summit, a meeting that will gather the accelerators in Europe (and hold a special event for...

The Portuguese Startup Scene in numbers

Calçada portuguesa
Long gone are the days when Portugal was only known for its football players, economic trouble or perhaps very good food. Small in size,...


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