Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Luana Norões

Luana Norões
Passionate about creativity and innovation, she studied Communications but believes that real knowledge comes from experiences. Worked for 5 years, in three different countries, for the development of the global youth as an AIESECer and is always involved with innovative projects.
Heathcare City

Healthcare City – a new innovation ecosystem for the Healthcare Sector

Apart from other markets where innovation can scale taking shortcuts, Healthcare can be seen as a market where innovative ideas have to get a...
startup voucher

Startup Voucher will support early stage entrepreneurs with 8400 euros

To support and encourage new entrepreneurs at the early stage of their ventures, Startup Portugal has launched Startup Voucher, a financial support that will...

Zarco is looking for 100 local guides in Portugal

Present in Porto, with more than 30 active local guides, Zarco is a Portuguese startup which aims to improve the way we get to know new cities...

Clarice elected by Fortune one of the 5 great travel apps...

Travelling and exploring new destinations is getting easier with tons of online and mobile services. It's already possible to find tickets, book hotels, plan...

Dognaedis acquired by Prosegur

Created by a team of researchers from the University of Coimbra, the Portuguese information security company Dognaedis has now global relevance by joining one...
ineo start demo day

ineo Start demo day presents 14 new startups

After 80 hours of co-creation through workshops, mentoring and networking between young and experienced entrepreneurs, investors and trainers, ineo Start 2016 presented on march...
Startup Simplex

Startup Simplex: Ideas to simplify public services

Communications, shopping, transportation, health, finances - we can see the transformation technology is making in all these areas. A real revolution is happening right now...
impactHub Amsterdam

Impact Hub arrives to Lisbon

Impact Hub is a global entrepreneurs network that has been connecting high-impact ideas for more than 10 years. In June 2016, Portugal will join this...
ebankit CEO Joao Lima Pinto

ebankIT among the “Top 10 global emerging stars” by KPMG

Portugal has a representative between the “Top 10 global emerging stars” - ebankIT, a Porto based company that develops tech solutions for banks, improving their...

Portuguese Startup Manifesto to upgrade the Portuguese startup industry

During the last five years, it was possible to see the rise and growth of the Portuguese Startup Ecosystem. Innovative ideas became globally successful...