Let me introduce you to this new social network called InTheMarket. It’s a mobile application that promises to help sports athletes and coaches, in areas such as football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball to promote their curriculum and, above all, find a new club when they are “available”.

At a time when the transfer market is fully operating and the football clubs are defining their teams for the new season, InTheMarket has already more than 2000 players and coaches’ valid profiles from all over the country, having aroused interest and motivated athletes from the second league as well as the senior national championship.

In secondary divisions and younger football echelons, the players change clubs very easily and there are lots of athletes that can’t get a contract with a club. Since most of these athletes are not represented by agents who promote them, their network is very limited, refers Cristóvão Morgado, director of Competence Centre Mobile of ITSector (the Porto based company behind this new social network).

inthemarket screens

InTheMarket Application Screens

By creating profiles in the InTheMarket app, the athletes and coaches’ contacts become permanently connected to a network which is easily accessible from a smartphone, bringing them closer and providing a greater visibility of their curriculums.

Cristóvão Morgado

Players or coaches can build up their profiles with news, videos, share them and even create and edit private contacts’ lists and details about other users. To help search for profiles, the application includes an advanced search option. Within this option you can locate an athlete of a specific city, that plays in a specific position and that doesn’t have a contract with a club. To ensure credibility, of the registered profiles, InTheMarket has a mechanism that enables the validation and reports false profiles.

This app is available for free on iOS and Android.