7 Fintech Startups in Portugal

Consumer trust in banks and traditional finance institutions almost vanished due to the financial crisis. There was a clear opportunity for new disruptive players to change the system and people desired that. But unlike other tech sectors, FinTech startups need to build a strong reputation first: they won’t gain the trust of consumers or enterprises overnight.

$12.21 billion were invested in the sector in 2014. And even though the US leads the way, Europe experienced the highest level of growth, with an increase of 215% (year-on-year). There are some FinTech Startups being born in Portugal, but a few eventually move to the European financial capital, London. Here at PortugalStartups.com you can find a list of them:

2. Zercatto

Zercatto was founded by a team of finance specialists, with decades of experience behind them. They built Zercatto with the goal of enabling investors to maximise returns on their own portfolios by giving them access to some of the most successful trading strategies across the globe.