Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Prodsmart is in the running for EIT Digital Challenge 2016

industrial plant prodsmart
The Portuguese startup Prodsmart has been selected to compete in the EIT Digital Challenge final in the category “Digital Industry”. The company with headquarters...

EIT Digital Challenge – scale up your startup

eit digital challenge
Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Finance are areas booming worldwide, and they are strategically highly important for Europe to...

7 Fintech Startups in Portugal

stock iphone
Consumer trust in banks and traditional finance institutions almost vanished due to the financial crisis. There was a clear opportunity for new disruptive players...

What’s Portugal Ventures after all?

portugal ventures
It’s hard, or even impossible, to have a startup ecosystem without having structures that support the entrepreneurs and their projects moving forward. As startups grow,...

Finance for Entrepreneurs – What are Convertible Notes?

When we are talking about how simplified the financing process has become, it is not unusual to mention the expression “convertible note”. Pointed out...

Zercatto, taking the stock market by storm

zercatto team
In 2012, three visionary men decided to reinvent the stock trading. Challenging? Yes! Impossible? Not for the founders of Zercatto. If you are an investor...