Hang on to your hat! The Portuguese startup Clickly (former Clinkpic) partnered with Shopify, one of the biggest commerce Platforms in the world.

It all started a few months ago at the Collision Conference. Shopify contacted Clickly through Twitter, and they had a conversation at the Conference. Shopify’s representatives were fascinated by the Portuguese startup, leaving the doors open for a meeting with one of the top managers of the US company in San Francisco.

The stars were all lined up: Clickly was part of the Lisbon Challenge roadshow that had San Francisco as one of the stops. Just one and half months later Clickly was there in a big event hosted by Shopify and full of their top customers.

For Tedd Coulthard, Shopify’s App Store Director, the decision of integrating Clickly in their App Store was pretty easy:

We are looking forward having Clickly on the Shopify platform, and hope to expose the technology to thousands of our merchants via our app store. We love the potential for increased customer engagement that it will bring.

According to Guilherme Lopes, founder and CEO of Clickly,

having Shopify as a customer and partner will allow us to get into a market that is very interesting for our business, it will increase our credibility and it will help us build a better product everyday.

What is Clickly?

Clickly is a tool that brings a bigger interaction and adds more value to images, turning a simple photo into a smart photo. Imagine you see a picture and you fall in love with one product on it. Clickly makes it possible for you to find out what the product is, where to buy it and its price, as well as some other details and options related to advertising.

Clickly is also the only Portuguese among the 8 selected startups for Google Campus Exchange Madrid, in Spain, a market that the team expects to conquer soon.