2. Arcadia


Date of foundation: 1933

Arcadia belongs to the Bastos family since 1933 and assumes itself as a factory of craft confectionery, maintaining the tradition in its recipes and manufacturing processes, where only natural and carefully selected products are used.

It was a reference for the high society in downtown Porto, but the center of the city lost population and other centers appeared. The store was closed, but the family decided to reopen it, building a new commercial net.

At the moment, Arcadia has 20 stores across Portugal, an online store, and aims at reaching the international market.

Arcadia is traditionally known by its delicious chocolates, chocolate cat tongues and liquor dragees that maintain the original shapes and flavors of 1933. Per year, approximately 35 tons of Bonjour Liquor Dragees leave the factory.

Bonjour Liquor Dragees
Bonjour Liquor Dragees

But it’s important to continuously improve. Now you can taste Arcadia port wine, whiskey or aguardente chocolates. Yummy…

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