Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Doctor Gummy, revolutionizing the world in a sweet way

doctor gummy
You like candy but you don't like the bad part of it? Ever tried to give medicines to children and it looked like mission impossible?...

Shark Tank Week 4 Checkpoint: Facts and Figures

Shark Tank
There were a lot of rumors and some guessing about the businesses presenting at Shark Tank. After some expectation, the TV show aired on March...

Shark Tank Portugal has already received 850 applications

As announced here in October, the Emmy-winning TV Show Shark Tank is coming to Portugal, so far no surprise. What's impressive is the number of...

It seems the Sharks are arriving to Portugal

Emmy-winning TV Show “Shark Tank” is coming to Portugal. The concept of the show is quite simple: there are 5 investors (Sharks) seated on...