Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Viseu – Portugal Roadshow by Sage

Roadshow Viseu
With 99 274 inhabitants in the district, Viseu is a city from the interior. The city and the region are known for the Dão...

Porto – Portugal Roadshow by Sage

Roadshow uptec
We ended the first day of the UP Awards Roadshow by Sage at UPTEC, a place we know well. UPTEC, the Science and Technology Park...

Vila Real – Portugal Roadshow by Sage

Roadshow regia douro park
Vila Real is a city located in northern Portugal, on the Douro Region. The city has a strategic location, since it is served by excellent...

Braga – Portugal Roadshow by Sage

Roadshow Startup Braga
To visit 14 cities in 5 days – this is the goal of the UPAwards Roadshow by Sage. We want to know what is... just got 100k from Caixa Capital at Startup Braga Demo...

Startup Braga Demoday Winner
Time goes by really fast and the second edition of Startup Braga reached the end today. It was the time to see the evolution of the batch and...

Startup Braga takes London by storm

Startup Braga Roadshow
Last week, 6 startups from the first edition of the Startup Braga ’s Acceleration Program spent the week in London meeting entrepreneurs, investors and...