We ended the first day of the UP Awards Roadshow by Sage at UPTEC, a place we know well.

UPTEC, the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, supports an effective knowledge and technology transfer between the academia and the market and aims to foster the creation of technology-based companies and creative businesses.

Launched in 2006, UPTEC has been supporting hundreds of local tech and creative startups and playing a crucial role in the local startup scene.

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Over the years, Porto positioned itself as a hotspot for both national and international tech startups and we now see companies like Baboom, Todoist, Farfetch, Betfair, Mindera, Rocket Internet, JScrambler and others making the most of the highly talented engineers you can find in town.

Today, 6 talented entrepreneurs from 6 very exciting startups pitched to an audience of entrepreneurs and curious folks.

All in surf was born at the University of Porto and allows any surfer, amateur or professional, to track their performance, helping them improve and connect with other surfers.

Eye2Map collects and analises geographic data that can be use in agriculture, landscaping, architecture and other fields. Eye2Map wants to integrate the all chain, developing its own drones and its own processing software.

Helppier is on a mission to support you to create helps and tutorials in a different way, saving time and reducing costs. Helppier is all about helping and attract your users to the right place and teach them how to buy your product or use your service.

Hype Labs is the next step in online and offline communications, making sure you are always reachable no matter where you are.

Knok connects doctors and patients in real time for personal and customised medical appointments, reducing waiting times and increasing comfort.

TOP Docs is a platform that allows people using different clouds & office tools to work together. No cloud boundaries & no format lock-ins.

Sage is offering a 6 month trial subscription for Sage One + 50% discount forever (Standard version) for the best pitch in each city. And the winner in Porto is… TOP Docs!

And the big winner of day one is TOP Docs. They will have access to one month of free advertising on PortugalStartups.com. Congratulations.

Tomorrow, we will be in Viseu, São João da Madeira and Coimbra. If you are around say hi.

PS. Check the event photos here.