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Lisbon within the top 5 startup hubs in Europe

startup heatmap europe
According to the 2016 Startup Heatmap Europe report, Lisbon is included in the top 5 startup hubs in Europe. The Startup Heatmap Europe, after a Europe-wide...

Exogenus Therapeutics closes seed round from Caixa Capital

Caixa Capital announced today a €100.000 investment in Exogenus Therapeutics (Exo-T). Founded by the researchers Joana Simões Correia and Ricardo Neves and the manager Luísa Marques, after participating...

Doctor Gummy, revolutionizing the world in a sweet way

doctor gummy
You like candy but you don't like the bad part of it? Ever tried to give medicines to children and it looked like mission impossible?...

FEUP and EFACEC patent sold for 5 million euros

FEUP Jardim
The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and EFACEC (the largest Group in the electric field financed by Portuguese capital) sold...

The Portuguese Startup Scene in numbers

Calçada portuguesa
Long gone are the days when Portugal was only known for its football players, economic trouble or perhaps very good food. Small in size,...