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Your vote can earn Portuguese startup Code For All $200K via...

vote startup chivas venture
Anyone can now vote for Portuguese startup Code For All to be selected for the biggest share of $200,000 through the Chivas Venture. The first...

deCode Academy launches 3rd edition to teach kids coding and robotics...

teach kids coding
deCode Academy of Programming and Robotics returns in January with its third edition to teach kids coding and robotics. Taking place in Óbidos at both...

Coimbra.codes #1

Where programmers gather in Coimbra to talk code. For now two talks have been confirmed for the first edition of Coimbra.codes: 1 - Zamith Ferreira (Subvisual.co)...

Spending the summer coding? Yes, in Porto!

Porto Summer of Code 2015
Portuguese universities are well known by the industry known for the quality of their students. It's common to see foreign companies recruiting in Portugal...

Coding: a war for talent

For the ones that are not paying attention, there is a war for talent in Portugal. Tech startups are fighting hard to attract and...

We all need them – what are the COOL TOOLS?

Cool Tools
Tools, tools and more tools. We all need them, but it’s not always easy to find the right one, at the right moment, for...

4 reasons to be a Tech Girl in Portugal

You know that awkward moment, when the girl starts grading her clothes by how AGILE they´d be with her wardrobe? It can only mean...




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