Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Ana Almeida

Web researcher of both serious and odd things. Diving into Entrepreneurship and fascinated by the dynamic startup ecosystem. Content creator and editor at Portugal Startups, and happily living at Startup Pirates' ship.
Portugal Ventures

The car has 4 wheels, Portugal Ventures has 4 new investments

It was announced today that Possible Answer, eSolidar, Easy Easy Apps and boomApp received investment through Portugal Ventures Call for Entrepreneurship. Created in 2013, Possible...
portugal ventures

Portugal Ventures strikes again

Portugal Ventures just invested in Following Inspiration and BeyonDevices, through the +Innovation +Industry Programme. Better known for wiiGo, an autonomous and self-driven shopping cart designed...
uptec porfolio

Talking with UPTEC’s Executive Manager

Clara Gonçalves wanted to be veterinarian as a child, ended up in Agronomic Engineering and is now the Executive Manager at UPTEC. spent...
Desafios Redes

Porto. challenging the city

Do you know challenges in Porto that can be solved through innovation and technology? Are you a startup willing to make Porto a better...
doctor gummy

Doctor Gummy, revolutionizing the world in a sweet way

You like candy but you don't like the bad part of it? Ever tried to give medicines to children and it looked like mission impossible?...

Prokubo launches to connect creative professionals with startups

Prokubo just launched a new digital marketplace for marketing, design and communication services. On one hand, the Portuguese startup aims to facilitate the access of...
hotel pool

Hot week in investment: another $1.1M raised

A Portuguese mobile pocket concierge based now in London has raised $1.1M in seed investment from Portugal Ventures. Created early this year, GuestU is a fast-growing SaaS company providing innovative...

Nonprofits meet e-commerce – This is eSolidar

In a country where social entrepreneurship is still associated with Charities and nonprofit organizations, eSolidar wants to prove that it doesn't have to be...

Feedzai raised $17,5M in Series B

Feedzai, a Portuguese fraud protection startup with headquarters in California just got $17,5M in a Series B funding backed by Oak HC/FT, Sapphire Ventures...

From booze to cat supplies: TimeResQ has a pack for you

Do you use short-stay home rental services like Airbnb and HomeAway? Then TimeResQ just launched the perfect pack for you. TimeResQ is a concierge startup...