International startup competition Nors Digital Disruptors opens in Porto for startups who have entrepreneurial ideas in mobility and transportation, with €10,000 going to the winner.

In addition to earning €10,000, the Nors Digital Disruptors startup competition winners will also participate in a one-year incubation program with business support and other opportunities.

The Nors Digital Disruptors startup competition is accepting applications until October 3, and the event takes place on October 19.

The international transportation and mobility startup competition in Porto is searching for outstanding business ideas that can drive the ecosystem to exponential and sustainable growth, as part of Nors’ digital transformation and innovation strategy.

transportation startup competition

Tomás Jervell

“Developing a proprietary vision of what innovation is for Nors is critical in determining how we will address our future challenges and how we will establish synergistic relationships with key partners that enhance brand growth and visibility vis-à-vis other markets,” said Grupo Nors CEO Tomás Jervell in a statement.

This competition gives an enormous opportunity for startup companies looking for funding, partnering and brand awareness.

In preparation for the competition day, participants will be required to participate in a Skype call. These sessions ensure that companies are prepared to communicate effectively their product and vision to target the audience interest.

Nors is looking for startups working on the following areas:

  1. Client Experience and Logistics
    • Customer Digital Experience
    • Proactive Fleet Planning
    • Fleet Marketplace Platform (matching capacity and marketplace)
    • Truck Driver’s Marketplace
    • Truck-as-a-Service
  2. Mobility Services Disruption
    • P2P (Peer-to-Peer)
    • Car Sharing
    • Ownership to Usership
    • Fleet Management System
    • On-Demand Services
  3. Value-Added Vehicle Services and Products
    • Payment Solutions
    • Telematics
    • Optimization Services
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Delivery Services
    • Data Services and Management
  4. Credit and Customer Finance Solutions
    • Account Opening and Servicing
    • Credit and Funding Solutions
    • Proximity Payments
    • Process Automation
    • E-finance Services
    • Smart Reporting

In the end 10 startups will be chosen to compete at the Museum of the Electric Car in the city of Porto.

The judges will consider three factors in deciding the winners:

  1. Strategy: How well does this business solution fit with NORS business strategy?
  2. Product or service: Does the business solve a problem our consumers care about?
  3. Market: How big is the addressable market, how will you beat the competition and what is the scope for growth?

Nors Digital Disruptors will give a spotlight to participants, by putting them on a stage in front of Nors executives, investors, top-class entrepreneurs, tech moguls and press. Participants will have the unique opportunity to make connections with talented people and industry experts.

After everything is said and done and once the startup competition is over, Grupo Nors will provide alumni with opportunities for meetups and help them take their value proposition to the next level.