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Portuguese live music industry marketing startup Musicverb is taken over by VIP-Booking, the European market leader for B2B live music entertainment information.

Founded in 2014, Musicverb is a resident of the Portuguese community “Founders Founders” and was incubated at the University of Porto’s UPTEC. It has now been taken over by the Danish company

live music B2B
Ronni Didriksen

“We know that the live music B2B business is becoming more and more sophisticated, so taking over makes sense as we can now offer clients even more powerful services to help them make their everyday work better, faster and more accurate,” said Ronni Didriksen, Founder & CEO of

Over the last year has introduced
Social Media Statistics on thousands of artists, and is a
powerful tool making it easier for promoters and agents to measure the interest for an artist in any given territory.

The acquistion is a testament to Portugal’s success on the startup scene. Before the takeover was offering a marketing platform used by live music industry professionals in 20 countries, from Brazil to Sweden, and brought email and business intelligence to the live music booking business.

live music B2B
Rui Santos Couto

“We grew significantly in 2016. In 2017, we wanted to boost that growth and attack
the market leadership,” said Rui Santos Couto, Founder & CEO of

“VIP-Booking has worked in this industry for many years, they have great products and they know what they are doing. The clients at will now have access to an even better service and I’m sure they will benefit from this deal.”

Visitors to can currently find a free trial of VIP-Booking’s service to see how it can help increase their businesses. has clients in more than 50 countries and has been delivering online tools and data to live music industry professionals for more than 18 years. Clients have access to the largest and most in-depth B2B database available with contact details to the agents and managers of more than 19,000 artists and more than 3,500 European venues.