What if you could avoid lines in the emergency room? What if a doctor could visit you where you want, whenever necessary?

From today on you can call a doctor for a home visit, through your smartphone. Meet knok, the app that will allow you to check in real time which doctors are available in your area, their specialties and make an appointment.

knokknok, incubated at UPTEC and part of the last Lisbon Challenge acceleration program, is a Portuguese startup founded in 2015. It brings a better transparency, either for doctors or for patients, helps solve the problem of taking children, elderly and people with limited mobility to the hospital and dramatically reduces the time waiting for appointments.

Patients only have to download the app, put their personal data and, from that moment on, they can check the available doctors in the area and schedule a home visit. knock will connect doctors and patients in a simple and innovative way.

José Bastos, CEO at knok


knok iOS interface

Already available in Porto and Lisboa, they plan to expand their operations to the whole country. For now, only iOS users will have the app available, but they promise to release the Android version next year.