“Pre-Acceleration” is a fairly new term and easily confused. While today, we are seeing news of the launch of more and more pre-accelerators, like the Y Combinator Fellowship or the 500 Startups Pre-Accelerator in Oslo, until recently only a handful of organizations were working with so early-stage entrepreneurs. Among them were Startup Pirates, Tetuan Valley and Beta-i that just launched the first white paper on pre-acceleration, with the outcomes of the Pre-Acceleration Summit, that happened in the beginning of June in Porto.

On June 1, 11 of the most prominent pre-accelerators in Europe came together and, for an entire day, discussed what is a pre-accelerator, the most important metrics, different business models and how does the future look like. This white paper is a state of the art of the pre-acceleration scene, but also an acknowledgement that pre-accelerators are still evolving and maturing and a lot is expected to happen in the next years, if not months.

Check it out below or on Slideshare:

(Full disclosure: Some of the authors of this white paper are also involved in PortugalStartups.com)