I guess we all know that Tourism is hot and growing in Portugal. There are more than 13 million people visiting Portugal every year, and 5% of the Portuguese GDP is composed by that industry. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are witnessing so many new startups popping up in this field. Even yesterday we announced a seed investment round of $1.1M for an innovative mobile solutions to the hospitality sector.

If you are working on a project related to the travel and tourism sector, we might have good news for you. Fábrica the Startups, known for several initiatives to support entrepreneurs and startups, is now preparing an accelerator program in partnership with Turismo de Portugal.

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The Lisbon based program is called Discoveries and will try to turn fresh ideas into successful businesses in four-weeks. This edition focuses on tech entrepreneurs in the idea, prototype or launch stages and has a limit of 15 startups. Applications are open till July 10 and the selected projects are announced on July 17.

Portugal will only continue to be the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe if it innovates. That is why Turismo de Portugal is determined to attract and support entrepreneurs from all over the world. The injection of energy and ideas will sustain our competitiveness in the long run. And, in the process, establish Portugal as a center for innovation in tourism.

João Cotrim de Figueiredo, President of Turismo de Portugal