Once again, Startup Lisboa showed us why Lisbon is one of the sexiest startup hubs in Europe.

Last Thursday, around 230 people between founders, investors, mentors and business people attended the 3rd edition of the biggest annual event of Startup Lisboa, which this year was called Startup Lisboa Take off. The name was very appropriate, since the event was held in the executive lounge at the Lisbon Airport.

Since February 2011, Startup Lisboa has supported more than 180 startups and promoted the creation of more than 600 jobs. The incubator has today around 80 startups incubated and 250 entrepreneurs working daily to change the Portuguese entrepreneurial landscape.

Besides the normal startup pitches, this year Startup Lisboa also awarded those that have been contributing the most to the development of the Lisbon startup ecosystem:


Américo Amorim, a reference entrepreneur in Portugal was one of the guests of the event. In the end, he couldn’t attend, but he made sure to send a video with some powerful principles to be followed by the business people of the future:

  • You should always consider everyone but try to never depend on anyone and preserve your independence;
  • Welcome other’s success;
  • Keep and cherish the relationships you create in your lifetime;
  • Don’t create room for opportunistic relationships;
  • Never accept negative answers, always question;
  • In the economy, there are no impossibles;
  • Maintain your ethic and responsibility principles;
  • Being an entrepreneur is a matter of mission.

Considering that he’s the wealthiest man in Portugal, these principles probably work…