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What makes Lisbon so attractive to startups

lisbon bridge
It’s no secret anymore that Lisbon is one of Europe’s up and coming places to be for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. As a communications...

Founders Founders: born from the community to be a community

Founders Founders living room
A few of you might have already heard something about this new initiative called Founders Founders (F2). It started last year in Porto with shy communication....

Nominations for the 2015 UP Awards are open

With the support of Sage Portugal, Microsoft Portugal, and Lisbon Municipality, we're officially launching the UP Awards nominations to recognize what is done better...

Porto will gather the 3DS Global Community

For the first time, 3 Day Startup (3DS) is inviting their entire global network to Austin and Porto for a global roundup. With the mission to kickstart new...

Portugal, a country of game developers?

xbox handle
We all played games when we were kids and we all loved it. If you were like me, you wouldn't care about where these games were...


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