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“Pre-Acceleration” is a fairly new term and easily confused. While today, we are seeing news of the launch of more and more pre-accelerators, like the Y Combinator Fellowship or the 500 Startups Pre-Accelerator in Oslo, until recently only a handful of organizations were working with so early-stage entrepreneurs. Among them were Startup Pirates, Tetuan Valley and Beta-i that just launched the first white paper on pre-acceleration, with the outcomes of the Pre-Acceleration Summit, that happened in the beginning of June in Porto.

On June 1, 11 of the most prominent pre-accelerators in Europe came together and, for an entire day, discussed what is a pre-accelerator, the most important metrics, different business models and how does the future look like. This white paper is a state of the art of the pre-acceleration scene, but also an acknowledgement that pre-accelerators are still evolving and maturing and a lot is expected to happen in the next years, if not months.

Check it out below or on Slideshare:

(Full disclosure: Some of the authors of this white paper are also involved in PortugalStartups.com)

  • Pedro Moura

    Hi guys. I was expecting to see some metrics in this doc. Do you have some you can share?

    • Pedro, during the pre-accelerator summit we focus more on the concept and business model of pre-accelerators and less on the numbers. The main reason is the fact that pre-accelerators are still quite new. In future events, that will be one of the focus, quantify the impact of pre-accelerators on a regional, national and european level.

      • Pedro Moura

        Inês, great. I think the way to turn interesting stuff like what you’re building into concrete and effective measures is to put numbers on the table (and sometimes it’s really hard to get them taking into account every project that you support). Keep up the good work; will be looking forward those metrics 😉