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Startup Braga Acceleration is on again

Startup Braga Kick Off
The first edition of the Startup Braga acceleration program ended on January 29th with interesting results: the 7 teams that participated were able to raise over €1.7M...

Startup Braga takes London by storm

Startup Braga Roadshow
Last week, 6 startups from the first edition of the Startup Braga ’s Acceleration Program spent the week in London meeting entrepreneurs, investors and...

Caixa Capital is investing 100.000€ in startup from Startup Braga

Caixa Capital
Caixa Capital will be investing 100.000€ in a startup from the 2nd batch of the Startup Braga Acceleration Program. Besides this 100.000€, the selected...

PepFeed closes first round from Portugal Ventures

Consumer electronics (CE) is growing rapidly and it's not getting any easier for consumers to make smart purchases. Relevant shopping information such as the...