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SilicoLife and INVISTA collaboration featured in World Economic Forum report

collaborative innovation
The partnership between the Portuguese startup SilicoLife and the global leader INVISTA was recognized as an example to follow by the World Economic Forum...

Who left a mark on Shopify? Clickly did!

Hang on to your hat! The Portuguese startup Clickly (former Clinkpic) partnered with Shopify, one of the biggest commerce Platforms in the world. It all started...

Legal forms for companies in Portugal – an overview

Creating a business can be overwhelming, mostly when you need to face the bureaucracy and legal processes. It starts right when you're choosing the legal...

MusicYou raised 300.000€ in seed investment

MusicYou, a new Portuguese music sharing app, raised 300.000€ in seed investment. The investment round was lead by Smart Equity, with participation from Brains2Market. And as...

Portuguese Startups bringing the internet of things to the manufacturing industry

Two Portuguese companies, Prodsmart - that focuses on developing process optimization systems for industrial production - and Sensefinity - that's specialized in integrating sensors with other systems -...