Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Lisbon’s EEG Electronics’ multi-socket charging dock to enter US in 2019

multi-socket power US
With its innovative, multi-socket charging dock that allows you to charge up to 15 devices simultaneously including two USBs, Lisbon-based EEG Electronics will enter the...

Hardware Startup Scene in Portugal (1/2)

The historical perspective When I was asked by to give my perspective on the local hardware startups scene I was a little bit shaken...

EGG Electronics closes investment to reach global market

egg electronics
They say they turned the power strip into a gadget and now they power our modern lifestyle. How is that? EGG Electronics developed the Egg...

Findster selected for HAX, the first and largest hardware accelerator

The Porto based startup that's tracking your loved one’s activity and location through their Findster device, was selected to join HAX Accelerator in San Francisco. Findster...