As MindProber prepares to enter in the UK and US markets, the consumer neuroscience startup announces its advisory board.

MindProber, an automated consumer neuroscience platform, has announced its advisory board. The board brings together Dan Foreman, AJ Johnson, Joaquim Bretcha, Antonio Gomes, and Paulo Santos.

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mindprober advisory board

Pedro Almeida

“We couldn’t be more excited with the group of people we were able to bring around the table and will help MindProber grow at this crucial moment for our company,” said MindProber CEO Pedro Almeida.

“This merely formalized an ongoing relation, as each of the advisors has been crucial in helping us achieve our world class technological platform and spreading the word about us,” he added.

The advisors combine decades of experience in innovation in market research, panel operations, and consultancy services.

mindprober advisory board

Dan Foreman

Dan Foreman has over 20 years of business experience. He specializes in emerging technologies and developing markets, having helped organizations grow from incubation to multi-million-dollar revenues (and exits). Dan began his career at WPP before progressing to senior client, advertising and consulting roles.

These days he operates in investment, advisory and entrepreneurial positions, currently chairing or advising the boards of several data, technology, marketing, social media and research companies. He is also the Former President for ESOMAR (holding elected position of 100,000 professionals 2013-14, the first President under the age of 40).

Dan holds a BSc in Psychology and Mathematics, and he will combine his advisory position with a seat on the Board of Directors.

“MindProber has achieved something unprecedented – the ability to conduct neuroscience, real-time biometric analysis, at medical grade, at scale and non-invasively. It’s exciting to work with pioneering innovators like Pedro and the team and I look forward to supporting their growth,” said Foreman in a statement to the press.

mindprober advisory board

AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson has over 20 years working in market research operations, technology and innovation. He is the Executive Director and member of the Global Leadership Team at Kynetec.

AJ previously held global leadership positions at Ipsos, BrainJuicer and GfK. He has great enthusiasm for technology and outstanding talent for finding new and better ways it can be successfully applied to market research.

His achievements have been rewarded by a number of industry awards and seen him adopt a respected role as thought leader.

mindprober advisory board

Joaquim Bretcha

Joaquim Bretcha is an Economist from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and holds a degree in Business from the IESE.

A current ESOMAR Council member for the last 7 years, he has also created and expanded the International Business Unit at Netquest.

Both responsibilities give him the ability to stay permanently in touch with the international community of market research and stay tuned to the latest market developments.

mindprober advisory board

Antonio Gomes

António Gomes is a Managing Director at GfK. GfK connects data and science. As a research and analytics partner, GfK promises its clients all over the world “Growth from Knowledge”.

He is a lecturer at a number of business schools and an industry keynote speaker.

Gomes is the former President of the Portuguese Market Research Association.

mindprober advisory board

Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos is an investor and business advisor. He has been providing capital, business knowledge and networking capabilities to a number of innovative companies in different stages of development, including Best Tables (co-founder), Hi INTERACTIVE (co-founder), PC Clinic, and Azorean Aquatic Technologies.

Paulo has worked for over two decades with Accenture for major local and global companies in a number of business sectors including Retail, Consumer Goods, Health, Pharmaceuticals and Tourism.

MindProber is an automated platform that allows running ad and media testing studies using biometrics collected in scale and outside the lab.

Emerging as the product of several years of academic research, the platform enables the real-time collection and analysis of the biometric and declarative reactions of hundreds of people to media contents, by distributing research-grade biometric sensors to panels of hundreds of people.

The company has been awarded high profile prizes in innovation, like the Insights Innovation Competition North America and the ASC/MRS Innovation Technology Breakthrough Award.