The EU Commission is looking for Portuguese startups to complete its EU Startup Monitor research project. Here’s how to submit your startup.

UPDATE: October 23, 2018: This initiative has expired

There are only two weeks remaining for Portuguese startups to submit.

Portuguese startup founders can submit their projects through this link.

“The European Commission’s Startup and Scaleup Initiative aims to give Europe’s innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become leading companies,” writes Kristin Schreiber, Director for SME Policy and the COSME Programme in an open endorsement letter to startup founders.

Filling the survey will take 10-12 minutes. All answers are being treated anonymously and the lottery with great prizes at the end is not connected to the survey. The final report will be openly available.

“Your participation [in the survey] will allow us to take your views and your situation into account when continuing to formulate policy initiatives for startups and scaleups in Europe. Make your voice heard!” Schreiber continued.

EU Startup Monitor researcher Lisa Steigertahl tells Portugal Startups, “The European Commission wants to hear your voice! We are looking for inputs to create more effective and meaningful policies that support young enterprises, who have recently started a business or are in the process of scaling up.”

“If you are a founder or manager of a European startup, please take a few minutes to contribute to the survey. At the end all participants have the chance to win great prizes, e.g. an exhibition stand at TOA Berlin, or tickets to Pioneer’s 18, Bits and Pretzels and a personal invitation including travel and accommodation to the VIP SME Assembly,” she added.

On 22 November 22, 2016 the European Commission adopted an initiative to improve the economic and regulatory situation for startups and scaleups.

With this research study it is practicing bottom-up evidence based policy making and is inviting all European founders and managers of startups to make their voice heard and to actively contribute and shape the European Startup Ecosystem.

The goal of the EU Startup Monitor is the collection and analysis of inputs to be able to act based on this monitoring of the startup environment, and the discovered country specific and common challenges of the startup and scaleup landscape.

Schreiber continues, “To accompany the policy work, the European Commission has given Prof. Dr. Mauer, Mrs. Steigertahl and their research team the task to collect information concerning startups and their growth prospects and analyse this information.”

The EU Startup Monitor is being executed by a team of researchers consisting of Prof. Dr. René Mauer and Steigertahl. Both are associated with the ESCP Europe, the world’s oldest business school and French Grand École.

Prof. Mauer holds the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus, and his areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, startups and growth management.

Mrs. Steigertahl has a track record for academic studies in the field of entrepreneurship and as the former CEO of the European Startup Network an extraordinary reach into national startup ecosystems across Europe.