Kinematix, a Porto-based technology start-up, announced that they have closed a Series C round of funding with current investor, Portugal Ventures, for $2 million. This brings Portugal Ventures’ total investment in Kinematix to $9.6 million.

The wearables industry is at a crucial point – people want meaningful data that’s easy to understand and put into action. That’s exactly what we do at Kinematix.

Paulo dos Santos, CEO of Kinematix.


Tune App

TUNE by Kinematix is a simple, easy-to-use wearable for runners that goes beyond measuring basic GPS stats such as pace or speed, but also measures each foot’s behaviour on the ground (stance dynamics, stance time, strides, and symmetry), and helps runners improve their form and fitness, which are the foundations to run better and avoid injury. Now, for the first time, with TUNE, runners and coaches can capture data on these relevant form parameters from every single step of a full run, for both feet, at the same time. And because the sensors are in-shoe, the data provided is the most complete and accurate assessment possible of a runner’s technique. The data collected from the insoles is automatically synced with the TUNE app on a smartphone or smartwatch, and is combined with each runner’s personal profile and the evolving form patterns detected during runs. All this information is then processed in the cloud to build and deliver personalised exercise plans.

Paulo dos Santos added “TUNE provides meaningful information and data-driven guidance in the form of personalised fitness plans for each individual user  – a first in the industry. Additionally, the TUNE platform for coaches, which will be available at the end of the year, enables coaches to stay connected with their athletes on EVERY run, not just when they train together – another industry first. TUNE helps athletes of all levels run smarter, potentially avoiding injury and accomplishing their goals. We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done with TUNE – in our view, TUNE is a major game changer in the world of wearables”.

Tune web app

Tune web app

Tune wearable

Tune wearable

Kinematix is a perfect example of the kind of innovation and game-changing technology and talent that can be found in Portugal,  capable of competing on the global stage

said Celso Guedes de Carvalho, CEO at Portugal Ventures.

“Consumer technology is a tough market to break into, but we believe that Kinematix’s TUNE is set to change how users interact with wearables – going beyond novelty and just being cool, to becoming real tools to help people improve their health in the long term” complemented Celso.