Portuguese Aptoide, 3rd biggest app store in the world, launched the Aptoide App Awards to roll out the red carpet for the best Portuguese Android apps. From a total of 1.000 applications reviewed, 20 made it to the finalist shortlist.

The big winner will earn €10.000 in advertising within the Aptoide App Store (a total of €35,000 will be awarded in prizes to the winners), as well as editorial and content features that reach out to more than 100 million end-users worldwide. The jury is a diverse team made up of mobile experts and industry leaders that will help elect the top Portuguese Start-up Android Apps of 2016 according to features such as Design, User Experience, Functionality, Performance and Innovation. Meet the judges:

  • Mr. Lourenco Medeiros – Tech Editor, SIC
  • Ms. Iris Lapinski – Founder & co-CEO, Apps for Good
  • Mr. Jonathan Becker – Executive, e.Ventures
  • Mr. António Costa – Publisher, ECO
  • Mr. Miguel Frasquilho – President, AICEP
  • Mr. Jorge Gabriel – Executive, FLAD

The results will be known on November 8th during an open session at TOPO Martim Moniz, in Lisbon. For now, meet the finalists:

Top 10 Apps


Tradiio enables artists to make money from their music whilst reaching new audiences. They do it by providing an easy and shareable tool for artists to gain subscribers in exchange for exclusives and experiences that they create. The goal is to empower a middle class of artists and provide a platform for them to make a living from their art.


Storyo splices your favorite memories together into videos, automagically, from your slideshow collection of photos. You’ve got your own videoshop to create stories from your experiences in seconds with just a few clicks.


Hole19 helps you improve your golf game by giving you free GPS, Rangefinder & Digital Scorecard to use when you’re out on the golf course. GPS distances on more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide (95% coverage) will give just what you need to targets and hazards, scoring and shot tracking.


Compare the prices of thousands of items with the country’s largest online showcase. With KuantoKusta it will take you just a few seconds to find out the price that each store charges for a particular item, and you can choose to be immediately referred to the store site and make the purchase.


Muzzley allows you to connect with and manage all your smart devices in the same app! Through a wifi or 4G connection, you can control them anytime, from anywhere!


Mygon is the most complete local guide where you can find promotions, information, photos, reviews and price lists of thousands of restaurants, spas, hairdressers and other local services, through its website or application for smartphones.

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The fastest way to share any moment with music. Type a text, a photo or a video and put a song on it. Music can transform any situation in a single moment. Choose from millions of songs available on iTunes.

Antivirus Pro for Android

Free Antivirus in real time to increase security for Android devices. Antivirus Pro for Android protects you from viruses, malware, spyware, and helps to keep your personal data safe. Analyze applications, security settings, files, and media in real time.


TOPDOX is a Documents Collaboration Platform, any document format, across any cloud storage. Because when people use the same cloud platform or Office tools, working together is easy. They can share, create, edit and co-edit documents. But when they are on different cloud platforms using different Office tools (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs) the workflow gets really hard or near impossible. Get out of your box and start doing things together.

Doctors & Pharmacies

Talk to a Portuguese doctor without leaving home and within minutes. If the doctor is not immediately available, wait a contact on your phone. Forget the queues and travel. Order your medicines or ask the pharmacy to delivery them at your home.

Top 10 Gaming Apps

Infinity Loop

Simple, relaxing, endless game. Infinity Loop can be considered a puzzle game about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: “connecting multiple things” and make fun out of it. Some people say this game is like the XXI century Tetris game but with a great zen mode. Even though it might resemble tetris, the goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels.

Smash Time

Alien Blobs fell from the outer space and rapidly started eating everything in their way making them grow in size infinitely! If no one stops them the Universe itself will be extinct! Luckily we have Bica, a cosmic guardian with the power to unite worlds through your Smartphone and Tablet. And this means it’s time for you to be the hero!

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Raccoon Escape

Help the Raccoon escape the fiery pits where he is imprisoned! Connect the gears that will pull him up while avoiding various enemies. This is a fast paced endless runner where all your attention and skill will be needed!

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Portuguese Super Quiz

This game is perfect to spread general knowledge in a super entertaining way. The rules are simple: Answer the 15 general knowledge questions to win one million (virtual). Play hard and win as much as you can to be a millionaire and lead the rankings.

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Shane Reaction! Zombie Dash

Don’t be fooled by the cartoonish graphics as Shane Reaction will test your zombie killing skills to the max. You are Shane, a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. And today, you give up.

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Every day is an adventure in the world of Parigami. Slide rows and columns to match colourful animal pieces. Make your way through paper scenarios by matching fun animals and Paper Popper Boosters. Compete with your friends and win special bonus prizes in Parigami’s bonus mini-game.

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Idle Town

Govern the worlds cutest and most competitive town by building an empire of mighty coffee shops and ice cream vans! Tap the big mighty coin and earn Idle Coins, raise and invest them in every possible kind of business to further increase your income.  Idle Town is a Tycoon Game that challenges you to earn achievements, gamble your money in Gambling Houses, beat milestones and impress your friends with your, so precious and so virtual, riches!

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Minimon 3D

A monster MMORPG for Android. Enter the world of Minimon to capture and raise your own monster team. Meet other players in an online world and challenge all arena leaders to collect badges.

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Tower Slash

Tower Slash is an action pixel art game that will push you to your limits. In a retro style environment, you must take the challenge of climbing the Everlasting Tower. Only a special kind of runner, fast enough to break the chains of gravity, can climb it, and defeat the tower guardian knights.

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MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE

The Game brings you the insane adrenaline of Skateboarding and BMX riding on the world’s largest action sports superstructures. Travel the world, master new skate and bmx tricks, get new gear, and learn from the pros. Real MegaRamps, real locations, real pros, real tricks, all brought to life with intuitive touch screen controls that reward accuracy, quick thinking and creative combinations.

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