Castelo Branco is one of the largest municipalities in the interior of Portugal. More than 200 companies are based in Castelo Branco, generating around 4000 jobs in the area.

We arrived to CEI (Centro de Empresas Inovadoras) after lunch. It was created 2 years ago as the result of the cooperation between the City Hall of Castelo Branco (which is focused on supporting the agro-food sector) and CATAA (Centro de Apoio Tecnológico Agro-Alimentar). According to the community, it was a necessity, since there are no similar infrastructures in the city.

Companies have access to 3 packs of services depending on their stage: pre-incubation, incubation and business development. They have also access to a large, modern and inspiring building, with all the facilities including a brand new FabLab. As in many other places we visited these days, CEI has a strong network of partners that involves local business associations and the politechnical institute.

We had a chance to hear the pitch of 5 of the 41 projects in CEI:


Combines neuroscience and marketing to analyze consumers reactions to advertising and new products. It runs tests like scan maps, head maps and key performance indicators to understand the effect of commercials. With a simple system and algorithms, advertising and media agencies have now an easier life.

All be smart

Focused on developing solutions related to smart cities, it aims at improving people’s lives starting by Castelo Branco. One of its projects is for parents to monitor their kids  on their way to school and home.


Transportation products for babies, with an ergonomic structure, both for children and their parents.


Video games marketplace. Anyone can register on the platform and exchange, sell or buy games.


Bags, accessories and decoration crafted from used sails, kitesurfing and paragliding materials. Recycling is the key – materials can no longer be used for their original purpose, but still offer great features.

And as always, we’re announcing the winner of the pitch competition. An the winner is… BrainAnswer!

PS. Check the event photos here.