This will not clarify all your doubts about Venture Capital (VC), but it’s a good start. If you’re looking for investment, take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions we compiled and asked Portugal Ventures to help answer.

About Venture Capital and investment

What’s venture capital?
Which is the ultimate best investor for my business?
And when the customers are not enough, not significant enough or difficult to get without external funding, should I look for investment with a BA or a VC?
Is there an advantage of having a BA before a VC?
Can a big client be a good investor?
Can I get series B in Portugal?

About the team

How should my team be structured to be VC funded?
What’s the minimum structure?
Must the team have a CFO before being funded by a VC?
How should the C level be established?

Miscellaneous of concerns 

Is my company a startup?

Am I keeping the autonomy after being invested?

What about the confidentiality? Should I take a NDA when meeting a VC?

If the investors say no, does it mean I’ll fail?

When can I celebrate?

Thanks Portugal Ventures for the collaboration.