TAP Creative Launch got to an end and the winner of the challenge was announced: the Spanish startup WAYNABOX.

This project provides an online platform for travel booking where you can buy a travel for €150, including flight and hotel. The thing is, they only have 12 possibilities of destinations and you’ll find the one you’re going to only 2 days before leaving.

waynabox team

By winning TAP Creative Launch, WAYNABOX won:

  • €5.000 and 2 flight tickets by TAP;
  • €5.000 offered by ANA Aeroportos;
  • Direct access to Startup Lisboa with 3 months of free incubation;
  • Microsoft Lumia Smartphones by Microsoft;
  • 1 year of the Fidelidade technological startups insurance pack, by Fidelidade;
  • Sage One for one year and 50% discount forever, by SAGE;
  • A guided visit to the Airbus facilities in Toulouse (France).

TAP Creative Launch was promoted by TAP in partnership with Startup Lisboa, with the goal of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Portuguese airline, but mostly looking for innovative business ideas in the tourism and air transportation fields, heading to the future.

Congratulations to WAYNABOX and good luck!