Despite its incredible growth, crowdfunding is still unknown to many investors and entrepreneurs in Europe. The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), a not-for-profit organization from Brussels is launching the CrowdCamp on the 26th of June 2015, in Lisbon.

The main focus of ECN CrowdCamp will be the discussion of crowdfunding as an enabler of innovation. The event was designed to get innovators and entrepreneurs familiar with the concept of crowdfunding in all its forms – existing and upcoming – and to show crowdfunding best practices. This will be the first edition and expects to host about 250 delegates from European crowdfunding platforms, innovative startups and SMEs, early stage investors and government officials. It’s really interesting to see European and even World level events coming to Portugal, organized by foreign organizations.

With the ECN CrowdCamp we want to offer an opportunity to innovative businesses and projects, as well as investors in Europe to understand this new source of finance and how to use it best. We want to show that crowdfunding can help innovations find their way to the market, sometimes even where other sources of finance fail to

says Oliver Gajda, ECN Chairman.

If you are a Startups interested in raising funds and get feedback, CrowdCamp has an extra program for your. They have applications open for the project pitch competition that will happen during the event. Up to six projects will be selected and pitch their businesses on the main stage and be evaluated by a jury of crowdfunding experts, professional investors and other entrepreneurs. The deadline for applications is 5 June 2015 at 24:00 CET.

The ECN CrowdCamp will benefit from local support from the City of Lisbon, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Startup Lisboa, InvestLisboa, Agencia DNA.Cascais and the National Federation of Business Angels Associations (FNABA).