The University of Porto claims itself as a Research University, a place where the teachers and the students are involved in a creative process of knowledge production and continuous learning.

The institution was highlighted in the 2015 edition of U-Multirank as the best Portuguese university, together with Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in what concerns to scientific research. It has obtained several maximum grades in other criteria when compared to the European higher education institutions.

About U-Multirank

A new multi-dimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. The dimensions it includes are teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. The 2015 ranking covered more than 1200 higher education institutions from 84 countries.

The University of Porto has now more than 150 patents and around 30 technologies licensed to small companies or bigger players in the market. The University felt the need to grow these numbers and to potentiate the knowledge produced from investigation.

According to Carlos Brito, Pro-Rector of the University of Porto:

“More than producing knowledge, we need to create value from that knowledge, value to the country. This program is our small contribution for that.”

On January 12th, the University of Porto, through its knowledge transfer office – UPIN – has launched together with Startup Pirates and ANJE, the first edition of BIP – Business Ignition Programme.

BIP is a business model iteration program for technologies developed in the academic field. 10 technologies entirely developed within the University of Porto got into the program and used the Business Model Canvas and the Customer Development methodology to find their product market fit, with the support of mentors, in a 12 week structured and very demanding program.

Today the final presentations of the work developed are taking place. The 10 projects are being presented and the audience has the opportunity to understand the work that was developed and the results achieved.

Some BIP results to date include a more appropriate approach to the market and a better comprehension of the customers. Some teams have developed partnerships with big companies and there are some license opportunities being negotiated. We hope to bring you further news on this soon.

João Koehler, one of the Portuguese sharks and Anje’s President, addressed a few words to the new tech entrepreneurs:

“Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, but if well planned, usually it goes well”, he added.

More about the teams and the technologies:

Avatar Pipeline – A fast, automatic and simple way to create virtual but realistic human characters, through a single solution that involves all the production pipeline.

Future NanoCoatings – Development of coatings for construction materials based on nanomaterials, starting with cork materials, followed by composites, wood or rocks.

Janela Solar – A technology that allows the capture of solar energy in windows or skylights, without losing the visibility.

The MateRHEials – A technology that allows the transformation of several materials into bumpers that absorb the impact energy.

Projeto BeAux – Intends to produce biologic agents to pollinate and fight agricultural pests.

Startmeter – Dynamometric station able to measure the forces and torques generated by swimmers in departures and turns in swimming.

Smart Heat Switch – Thermal magnetic switch, allows the control of temperature in refrigeration, heating, aeroespacial devices, among others. It’s economic and efficient.

Supressor de Feedback Acústico – A technology to remove the acoustic feedback that’s issued by sound systems in public spaces, teleconferencing systems or hearing prosthesis.

RICLA – An innovative vehicle with pedal traction to be used in not explored railways, with touristic and leisure purpose.

Airpark – Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle parking with space optimization.

“We are very happy with the results we reached. Due to the nature of the program and to the results obtained, it’s important to figure how to guarantee the continuity of the BIP”, says Filipe Castro, Technology Business Manager at University of Porto – UPIN.

We’ll keep an eye on these projects and on future editions of BIP. If you’re an investor or if you have a technology that can reach the market, you should do the same.