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Benfica partners with KickUP to launch Sports Accelerator

Benfica partnered with KickUP Sports Innovation to launch the first European Sports accelerator that emerged within a major sports club. It's called KickUP Sports Accelerator and...

Healthcare City – a new innovation ecosystem for the Healthcare Sector

Heathcare City
Apart from other markets where innovation can scale taking shortcuts, Healthcare can be seen as a market where innovative ideas have to get a...

Impact Hub arrives to Lisbon

impactHub Amsterdam
Impact Hub is a global entrepreneurs network that has been connecting high-impact ideas for more than 10 years. In June 2016, Portugal will join this...

Portugal Ventures invests in Josefinas and MICE

Portugal Ventures announced today the investment in Josefinas and MICE. These two new investments are part of the +Innovation +Industry Programme, an initiative aimed...

CBC and EBAN in Copenhagen: 3 prizes for Portugal

CBC - Creative Business Cup
The Creative Business Cup (CBC), a world championship for creative entrepreneurs, took place in Copenhagen this 16 to 18 November with some surprises from Portuguese...

Porto Innovation Hub to showcase the city

Porto Innovation Hub
Porto is working towards being a reference as an innovative city. Yesterday, “ Porto Innovation Hub ” was presented to the community. The main...

Porto. challenging the city

Desafios Redes
Do you know challenges in Porto that can be solved through innovation and technology? Are you a startup willing to make Porto a better...

Innovation meets crowdfunding in Lisbon

ECN CrowdCamp
Despite its incredible growth, crowdfunding is still unknown to many investors and entrepreneurs in Europe. The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), a not-for-profit organization from...

Smart windows, avatars, bees and more – the first Business Ignition...

BIP Upin
The University of Porto claims itself as a Research University, a place where the teachers and the students are involved in a creative process...

4 prizes for you or your startup, deadline March

Pageant queen
The startup world is booming and the importance and contribution of the startups to the economy and employability is increasingly being recognised. Entrepreneurship and innovation...


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