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iMobileMagic was acquired by US company Smith Micro Software

family safety
Smith Micro Software announced today the company has added a next-generation Family Safety mobile platform to their portfolio with the acquisition of iMobileMagic. The Braga-based acquired...

New address, same power – Josefinas now in NYC

Sara Sampaio, Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine, Meghan Markle and thousands of other girls have surrendered to the power brand Josefinas. Founded in 2013 by three Portuguese women (Filipa Júlio, Maria...

Portuguese startup HYPE is joining Angel Pad accelerator in the USA

hype labs
  HYPE Labs, a Portuguese startup that built a technology that allows any app or device to communicate even offline, was selected for Angel Pad...

Findster selected for HAX, the first and largest hardware accelerator

The Porto based startup that's tracking your loved one’s activity and location through their Findster device, was selected to join HAX Accelerator in San Francisco. Findster...

Line Health welcomes Bolt as an Investor

Line Health just announced they have a new investor, the US Hardware VC, Bolt. Developing hardware carries a lot of difficulties and implies specific and advanced knowledge. That's...

West to West: Bridging Portugal and Silicon Valley

West to West
Over the past few years, Portugal has been building a stronger presence in Silicon Valley. We are seeing more and more Portuguese founders spending...

The 24 Startups joining Deloitte Digital Disruptors are…

deloitte digital disruptors
Vertical accelerators are a trend. Some days ago, we told you about Deloitte Digital Disruptors, a vertical accelerator in Portugal focused on digital solutions to disrupt...

Face washed Pharmassistant entering into the USA

Non-adherence to drug therapy is still a problem with serious repercussions, estimated to cause about 125,000 deaths annually in the US and costs to...




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