Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Volkswagen acquires 90% of Lisbon software startup VTXRM

volkswagen lisbon startup
Volkswagen Financial Services acquires a total of 90% of the shares of Lisbon-based software startup VTXRM. With its Accipiens software, VTXRM covers digital contract processing...

Infraspeak grew 282%, tripling its revenues and team size

Infraspeak Team
Infraspeak, a Porto-based tech startup developing an innovative facility management platform, grew its customer base by 282%, its revenues by 243% and relies today...

iMobileMagic was acquired by US company Smith Micro Software

family safety
Smith Micro Software announced today the company has added a next-generation Family Safety mobile platform to their portfolio with the acquisition of iMobileMagic. The Braga-based acquired...

Strike! Infraspeak invested by Caixa Capital and gets into 500 Startups

Infraspeak, Caixa Capital and 500 Startups
After months of interactions, a pre-seed investment deal was recently concluded between Infraspeak, a facility management software, and Caixa Capital. Once again Caixa Capital was chosen...

Spending the summer coding? Yes, in Porto!

Porto Summer of Code 2015
Portuguese universities are well known by the industry known for the quality of their students. It's common to see foreign companies recruiting in Portugal...