As it was announced today, Portugal Ventures selected MoodOptic, Invine and FollowPrice to invest through the Call For Entrepreneurship.

MoodOpticMoodOptic acts in the online market for optical products such as prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. MoodOptic is developing e-commerce tools to improve the customers’ shopping experience, with competitive prices, fast delivery and efficient customer service as the pillars of the project. With this investment, MoodOptic aims to increase its international presence and become a relevant player in the European market.

According to Nuno Cabral, CEO and Co-founder, “The combination of a team with extensive experience in the traditional optical with the vast knowledge of e-commerce was key in sustaining rapid growth.


INVINE improves the profitability of restaurants by means of a profit-optimisation technology that uses dynamic menus. This technology enables restaurants to manage their wine lists on the cloud, creating a digital menu accessible by clients. the project is focused on making restaurant menus intelligent and in launching this innovation on everyone’s Smartphone and already has clients in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

João Reis, CEO and Co-founder, states that “Being in San Francisco, in the heart of entrepreneurship, is a constant reminder that opportunities are created, not found.


Followprice is an advanced digital marketing tool which, upon store integration, allows customers to be notified on followed product price changes. The universality of the FollowPrice button (on which the customers click to add the product to the FollowPrice List) encourages greater interaction and generates high-quality leads for online stores.

According to João Almeida Leitão, CEO and Co-founder, their goal is “to make the FollowPrice button the norm on any online store in the world!


Applications to the 10th Call for Entrepreneurship are now open!

Projects in sectors such as Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and WEB, Life Sciences, Tourism, Endogenous Resources, Nanotechnologies and Materials can submit their applications from 26th January to 26th February 2015. Selected projects will benefit from a capital investment of up to €750K.

The Call For Entrepreneurship is the entry point to the Ignition Programme, an initiative led by Portugal Ventures and which is part of the +e+i Programme. Through the various editions of the Call For Entrepreneurship, Portugal Ventures has already invested in over 40 startups.