Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The UP AWARDS is not just your ordinary Entrepreneurship award-giving event.

Aligned with our vision for, this is an event for gathering the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to showcase some of the best work done in Portugal, from Startups to Organizations and remarkable people within this community.

STATUS: The winners were announced during the UP AWARDS Gala!

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1.1. The definition for each category recognized by the organization is written on the UP Awards’ nomination page:


2.1. To be eligible for any Award, the applicant must fulfill the requirements (written on the UP Awards’ nomination page: during the eligibility period (as per clause 2.2. below):

2.2. The eligibility period begins on September 1, 2014 and ends on September 1, 2015.


3.1. Everyone can nominate themselves and others for an UP Award.

3.2. Nominations must be submitted through the official nomination form, available on the website, (

3.3. The nomination period runs from the 1st of September 2015 (00:01) to the 27th of September 2015 (23:59), Lisbon time.

3.4. Nominations that do not meet the eligibility criteria as stated in clause 2.1. of the present regulation, will be removed by the organization.

3.5. Only one nomination will be considered per candidate. By the end of the nomination period (as stated in clause 3.3), a list of the eligible candidates will be created and evaluated by the UP AWARDS’ organization.


4.1. The UP Awards organization will produce a shortlist per categorie, taking in account which individual/organization suits better each Award’s definition.

4.2. The shortlists will be announced on October 5, 2015.

4.3. All nominees included in the shortlists will be contacted by the organization, and should follow the points below:

a) In case of disagreement with the Terms And Conditions (available online on and the present regulation, they will be excluded from the shortlist and the award.

b) If deemed necessary, nominees must send to the organization all the documents needed to confirm their eligibility for the UP Awards, as outlined in “Clause two: Eligibility”.


5.1. Anyone can vote on one of the nominees included in each of the shortlists, but only one vote per category will be allowed per email address.

a) The Organization reserves the right to discard any and all votes that are fraudulent or submitted by bots or other computer-generated voting applications.

5.2. Votes must be submitted through the official voting form, available on the website ( By voting you are agreeing on subscribing newsletter.

5.3. The public voting period runs from the 5th of October 2015 (after the announcement of the shortlists) to the 26th of October 2015 (23:59), Lisbon time.

5.4. The Top voted per category will be announced on October 27, 2015. The winners will be announced during the UP Awards Gala, on November 27, 2015.


6.1. All the finalists included in each Top voted should nominate one person to receive the award at the UP Awards Gala. The name of the person nominated to receive the award must be communicated to the organization until November 20, 2015.

6.2. The winners will be awarded a custom made trophy.


7.1. undertakes to keep confidential all information it will have access to under this initiative, except to the strictly necessary extent for promotion of the UP Awards.


8.1. Usage of the “UP Awards finalist” wording for advertisement shall only be used by nominees in a Top voted Shortlist. Other nominees shall not, at any point, use this or any similar wording for promotion or advertising purposes.


9.1. The Organization shall resolve all questions of eligibility or rules. In case of changing, annulling or addition of any rules to the present regulation, the organization will inform the applicants.

9.2. The participation on the voting process implies the full acceptance of the present regulation and the Terms And Conditions (available on

9.3. The organization is not responsible for any cancellation, annulment or alteration to these awards due to force majeure.

9.4. All awards and nominations are final and the organization decision is ruling over any other. If deemed necessary by any of the applicants, complaints and suggestions shall be filed via e-mail to the address: hello(at)


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The UP Awards are conducted by, an independent blog about the Portuguese startup scene.

1. By entering these awards,

a) You agree that you have the capacity to enter the Awards.

b) You agree to the Terms and Conditions, and to the Rules of the Awards.

2. Nominees must meet the following criteria to be eligible to enter:

a) Not be part of;

b) Meet the the Eligibility Criteria specified for the nominated category.

3. reserves the right to declare any entry ineligible if, during the term, in the reasonable option of

a) You are considered unable to reasonably represent or promote the Awards in a satisfactory manner; or

b) You have not complied with these Terms; or

c) Information provided by you is deficient, false or misleading in any way.

4. The UP Awards comprise the following ten categories:

  • B2C Startup of the Year
  • B2B Startup of the Year
  • Startup Founder of the Year
  • Startup Accelerator of the Year
  • Startup Incubator of the Year
  • Investment Firm of the Year
  • Most Promising Technology Innovation
  • Most Entrepreneurial University
  • Startup Journalist of the Year
  • Coworking Space of the Year

5. or the UP Awards sponsors may use:

a) Your personal identity in any advertising or other material in any media which promotes the UP Awards

b) By accepting to be part of the shortlist of the Awards you agree to allow and the Sponsors to contact you to provide commnts about the Awards and to take photos or video footage of you which may use for their future promotional and marketing purposes.

6. may, at its discretion, withdraw any award that you have received, if you or your organization is involved in any conduct that is:

a) Fraudulent

b) Illegal

c) May harm the Awards,, or their name or reputation; or

d) Breaches these Terms

6.1. If requested by, you agree to no longer publically promote yourself or your organization as being associated with the UP Awards, or the Sponsors.

7. The organization decision is final and no negotiation will be accepted.

8. takes no responsability for entries not received by for any reason.

9. has the right to alter or cancel part or the totality of the UP Awards at any time.

10. If you wish to update any information held by you may do so by contacting: hello(at)


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