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Porto Startup Coffee Meetup #56

meetup magikplay
We are back for the first meetup of the year. To kick off the year we'll start with some magic... Have you heard of Magik Play?...

Porto Startup Coffee Meetup #55

meetup findster
The guest for this month is David Barroso, the CEO and Co-founder of Findster. Findster tracks your loved one's activity and location, keeping you informed on...

Porto Startup Coffee Meetup #54

This month we have a guest with a path full of experiences. Tiago Martins, co-Founder at Stuk.io, has been through several interesting phases. He managed...

FIWARE Meetup @LINNK_Lisbon

The FIWARE Accelerator - SOUL-FI together with LINNK, is promoting a Meetup to explore and discuss about the FIWARE technology and Acceleration/ investment opportunities...

Porto Startup Coffee Meetup #51

Porto Startup Coffee Meetup SWORD Health
Ready for another meetup? This time we'll have with us, Virgílio Bento, the Founder and CEO at SWORD Health (Stroke Wearable Operative Rehabilitation Device). Created in 2013, with...

Porto Startup Coffee

Porto Startup Coffee Meetup Jobbox
Porto Startup Coffee are regular informal meet-ups for entrepreneurs, investors and people interested in entrepreneurship, everyone is welcome! The idea is to have a place and...


The BREAK is an after-work event that occurs every second to last Thursday each month at Hotel Florida. Good people, some glasses, good conversations. BREAK focuses...

Whats Your Stack Lisbon

Whats your stack
Leading start ups will talk about their Technology Stack's. Learn about the choices they made over databases, servers, programming languages, CDNs and frameworks -...

Minho Startup Coffee Meetup @Barcelos

Minho Startup Coffee Meetup
After a successful first meetup in Barcelos, the second meeting happens this March 10, beginning the regular meetups every 2nd Tuesday of the month. This time the...




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